Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear _____________:

When you are feeling down and out, or that you just cannot stick to eating healthy, or you fool yourself into thinking you are hungry for junk food, come read this post.
Remind yourself of all the times that you have felt like crap after eating something that wasn't "real food". How sluggish and terribly your body responded.Remind yourself how horrible it feels to gain back weight that you have already worked so incredibly hard to lose. How it feels for your middle section to grow, and grow, and GROW... All because of poor food choices you've made.\
 And don't forget how easily it is for you to slip into a depression when you don't take care of your body. How much better you feel when you DO take care of your body.
 Remind yourself how good it feels to hop on the scale and see that number decrease from all of the hard work you put in.
Never forget that your goals ARE achievable, even if you have briefly strayed off of your path. There is no rush to have the fastest or most stylish weight loss in history, but rather to do it right. And learn on the way. You have no one to answer to but yourself. You are doing this for YOU. You are doing this to improve your life and your family's lives.
Don't forget that when you take care of yourself, the most important things that you hold dear - your family - will reap the rewards.
Don't forget how nice it is to fit in movie theater seats and food court seats and plane seats. And not have to put a blanket or pillow on your lap when you're on the couch.
You can do this. You are doing great. And I'm proud of you !!

Love, Me

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