Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Decisions.

Although this is not my own analogy, (you may have even heard this before) it certainly is a great reminder.
The mistake most people make is thinking that WILL POWER is what's needed to change their lives.
No, the TRUE change comes in all of the little decisions we make.

The best analogy that comes to mind comes from Jeff Olson's The Slight Edge:

Imagine if somebody gave you two options: The first is 3 million dollars, no strings attached.
The second is a penny that will double in value everyday for 31 days.
Chances are, unless you actually stop and think about it long enough, you would choose the 3 million. But for those who actually understand what I'm getting at would realize that after:
One week- the penny would be worth $0.64,
Two weeks- $81.92,
A few days into week three-  $655.36,
At the end of the 31 days- $10,737,418.24 !! ~Wow !
Er, I'd rather have the 10 million.

The point is, make your change in the little decisions. You won't see the results immediately, but the results ARE gradually building. You'll get your payoff eventually. The change may not be quick, but at least it happens.
The change begins when we DECIDE to switch from that white bread to wheat bread. The change begins when we DECIDE to cut out just 5 minutes of our TV time and use it to walk perhaps just to the front of our driveway and back. The change continues when that sandwich with wheat bread is now accompanied with some lettuce and a tomato slice. The change continues when that 5 minutes of walking to the front of our driveway becomes 10 minutes of walking down the street and back. 
Then, one year later, you've cut your calorie intake in half because you've switched out all your original foods for healthier substitutions, and you are doing 5 miles a day.

"Sow an action, build a habit. Sow a habit, build a character. Sow a character, build a destiny."

What are the small decisions you make on a daily basis that are keeping you from reaching a healthier life?
Try logging your small decisions for these changes over the course of a week, and see if you can find your weaknesses.

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